Speedo Junior National Championships (qualification)
Valid for: 2018 Status: active

2018 Summer Junior Nationals will be held July 31 till Aug. 4 in Irvine, Calif., immediately after the conclusion of the National Championships.


DistanceQual. timeBonus
50 m26.5926.99
100 m57.5958.39
200 m02:04.2902:05.39
400 m04:21.3904:23.79
800 m08:58.6909:03.49
1500 m17:11.2917:20.49


DistanceQual. timeBonus
100 m01:04.3901:05.59
200 m02:18.2902:20.69


DistanceQual. timeBonus
100 m01:13.2901:14.29
200 m02:38.2902:40.09


DistanceQual. timeBonus
100 m01:02.3901:03.39
200 m02:16.9902:19.59

Individual Medley

DistanceQual. timeBonus
200 m02:20.9902:22.49
400 m04:57.2905:01.89
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