Speedo Sectionals (maximum time standards)
Valid for: 2018 Status: expired

Speedo Sectionals will be held in both the spring and summer, and various meets around the country will be held in both short and long course. These meets will not necessarily use these qualifying times, but no Sectionals meet can require times faster than these.


DistanceQual. time
50 m2529
100 m5479
200 m02:0049
400 m04:1579
800 m08:4999
1500 m16:5649


DistanceQual. time
100 m01:0199
200 m02:1379


DistanceQual. time
100 m01:0969
200 m02:3089


DistanceQual. time
100 m5959
200 m02:1179

Individual Medley

DistanceQual. time
200 m02:1519
400 m04:4759
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