Qualification for LCM European Championships in Glasgow
Valid for: 2018 Status: expired

This selection policy outlines the selection process for the team to represent Russia at the 2018 European Championships which will be held 03th – 09th August 2018, Glasgow, Great Britain


DistanceQual. time
50 m25.02
100 m54.05
200 m01:57.28
400 m04:07.75
800 m08:31.12
1500 m16:18.08


DistanceQual. time
50 m28.05
100 m01:00.10
200 m02:09.43


DistanceQual. time
50 m30.89
100 m01:07.24
200 m02:25.51


DistanceQual. time
50 m26.02
100 m58.03
200 m02:08.62

Individual Medley

DistanceQual. time
200 m02:12.52
400 m04:39.39
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