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Record's time01:49.63
DateDec 14, 2012
SwimmerRyan Lochte, United States
Meet2012 World Championships; Istanbul, Turkey
Avg. speed (m/s)1.82
Avg. time 25m (sec.)13.70
Avg. time 50m (sec.)27.41
Avg. time 100m (sec.)54.82
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Record progression

Dec 17, 201001:50.08Ryan Lochte
United States
2010 World Championships
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov 15, 200901:51.55Darian Townsend
South Africa
2009 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Apr 11, 200801:51.56Ryan Lochte
United States
2008 World SC Championships
Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec 13, 200701:52.99László Cseh
2007 European Championships
Debrecen, Hungary
Nov 18, 200701:53.14Thiago Pereira
2007 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Apr 7, 200601:53.31Ryan Lochte
United States
2006 World Championships
Shanghai, China
Dec 8, 200501:53.46László Cseh
2005 ?
Trieste, Italy
Mar 25, 200401:53.93George Bovell
Trinidad and Tobago
2004 NCAA Men's Division 1 Championships
New York, United States
Mar 23, 200001:54.65Attila Czene
2000 NCAA Men's Division 1 Championships
Minneapolis, United States
Apr 21, 199401:54.65Jani Sievinen
1994 ?
Kuopio, Finland
Feb 10, 199301:55.59Jani Sievinen
1993 ?
Malmö, Sweden
Feb 7, 199301:56.62Jani Sievinen
1993 ?
Paris, France
Jan 22, 199301:56.84Jani Sievinen
1993 ?
Helsinki, Finland
Jan 17, 199201:57.19Jani Sievinen
1992 ?
Kuopio, Finland
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