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Record's time44.94
DateDec 13, 2008
SwimmerAmaury Leveaux, France
Meet2008 European SC Championships; Rijeka, Croatia
Avg. speed (m/s)2.23
Avg. time 25m (sec.)11.24
Avg. time 50m (sec.)22.47
Avg. time 100m (sec.)44.94
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Record progression

Dec 12, 200845.12Amaury Leveaux
2008 European SC Championships
Rijeka, Croatia
Dec 7, 200845.69Alain Bernard
2008 French SC Championships
Angers, France
Nov 17, 200745.83Stefan Nystrand
2007 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Jan 22, 200546.25Roland Schoeman
South Africa
2005 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Mar 27, 200446.25Ian Crocker
United States
2004 NCAA Men's Division 1 Championships
New York, United States
Mar 19, 199446.74Alexander Popov
1994 World Cup
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Mar 12, 199447.12Alexander Popov
1994 World Cup
Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Jan 5, 199447.82Alexander Popov
1994 World Cup
Beijing, China
Jan 1, 199447.83Alexander Popov
1994 World Cup
Hong Kong, China
Jul 2, 199347.94Gustavo Borges
1993 Brazil Championships
Santos, Brazil
Feb 11, 198848.20Michael Gross
West Germany
1988 ?
Offenbach, Germany
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