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Active Record details

Record's time48.33
DateAug 29, 2021
SwimmerColeman Stewart, United States
Meet2021 International Swimming League; Napoli, Italy
Avg. speed (m/s)2.07
Avg. time 25m (sec.)12.08
Avg. time 50m (sec.)24.17
Avg. time 100m (sec.)48.33
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Record progression

Nov 21, 202048.58Kliment Kolesnikov
2020 International Swimming League
Budapest, Hungary
Nov 11, 201848.88Xu Jiayu
2018 World Cup
Tokyo, Japan
Dec 22, 201748.90Kliment Kolesnikov
2017 Vladimir Salnikov Cup
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Dec 12, 201548.92Matt Grevers
United States
2015 Duel in the Pool
Indianapolis, United States
Dec 18, 200948.94Nick Thoman
United States
2009 ?
Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec 13, 200948.97Arkady Vyatchanin
2009 ?
Istanbul, Turkey
Dec 13, 200948.97Stanislav Donets
2009 ?
Istanbul, Turkey
Dec 12, 200949.17Arkady Vyatchanin
2009 ?
Istanbul, Turkey
Dec 21, 200849.20Aschwin Wildeboer
2008 ?
Madrid, Spain
Dec 14, 200849.32Stanislav Donets
2008 European SC Championships
Rijeka, Croatia
Nov 15, 200849.63Peter Marshall
United States
2008 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Nov 11, 200849.94Peter Marshall
United States
2008 World Cup
Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 9, 200649.99Ryan Lochte
United States
2006 World Championships
Shanghai, China
Mar 26, 200450.32Peter Marshall
United States
2004 NCAA Men's Division 1 Championships
New York, United States
Dec 8, 200250.58Thomas Rupprath
2002 ?
Melbourne, Australia
Mar 19, 200050.75Neil Walker
United States
2000 World SC Championships
Athens, Greece
Feb 5, 200051.28Lenny Krayzelburg
United States
2000 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Apr 12, 199351.43Jeff Rouse
United States
1993 ?
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Feb 22, 199252.50Mark Tewksbury
1992 ?
Winnipeg, Canada
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