Unified Sports Classification System
Valid for: 2018 - 2021 Status: active

Decree of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus No. 61 of August 31, 2018.


DistanceMSCMS1 cl.2 cl.3 cl.1 cl. jun.2 cl. jun.
50 m22.6524.0025.0029.0032.5039.0046.00
100 m50.4054.5058.7001:06.0001:14.5001:27.00(not set)
200 m01:51.7502:01.0002:10.0002:27.0002:47.0003:11.00(not set)
400 m03:59.0004:16.5004:36.5005:12.5006:02.00(not set)(not set)
800 m08:02.7009:04.5009:35.5010:35.5012:37.50(not set)(not set)
1500 m15:38.5017:17.5018:21.5020:35.5024:24.50(not set)(not set)
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