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Active Record details

Record's time54.89
DateOct 27, 2019
SwimmerMinna Atherton, Australia
Meet2019 International Swimming League; Budapest, Hungary
Avg. speed (m/s)1.82
Avg. time 25m (sec.)13.72
Avg. time 50m (sec.)27.45
Avg. time 100m (sec.)54.89
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Record progression

Dec 4, 201455.03Katinka Hosszú
2014 World Championships
Doha, Qatar
Nov 15, 200955.23Shiho Sakai
2009 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Feb 22, 200956.15Shiho Sakai
2009 Japan Open
Tokyo, Japan
Oct 28, 200756.51Natalie Coughlin
United States
2007 ?
Singapore, Singapore
Nov 23, 200256.71Natalie Coughlin
United States
2002 ?
New York, United States
Nov 29, 200157.08Natalie Coughlin
United States
2001 ?
New York, United States
Mar 4, 200158.45Reiko Nakamura
2001 ?
Sagamihara, Japan
Dec 3, 199358.50Angel Martino
United States
1993 ?
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Nov 21, 199359.41Angel Martino
United States
1993 ?
Stavanger, Norway
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