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Active Record details

Record's time1:58.94
DateNov 28, 2020
SwimmerKaylee McKeown, Australia
Meet2020 Australian Championships; Brisbane, Australia
Avg. speed (m/s)1.68
Avg. time 25m (sec.)14.87
Avg. time 50m (sec.)29.74
Avg. time 100m (sec.)59.47
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Record progression

Dec 5, 201401:59.23Katinka Hosszú
2014 World Championships
Doha, Qatar
Oct 22, 201102:00.03Missy Franklin
United States
2011 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Nov 14, 200902:00.18Shiho Sakai
2009 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Apr 11, 200802:00.91Kirsty Coventry
2008 World SC Championships
Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 23, 200802:03.24Reiko Nakamura
2008 Japan Open
Tokyo, Japan
Nov 27, 200102:03.62Natalie Coughlin
United States
2001 World Cup
East Meadow, United States
Aug 5, 200102:04.44Sara Price
United Kingdom
2001 Australian Championships
Perth, Australia
Aug 4, 200102:05.83Clementine Stoney
2001 Australian Championships
Perth, Australia
Dec 5, 199302:06.09He Cihong
1993 World Championships
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
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