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Active Record details

Record's time03:5392
DateDec 14, 2018
SwimmerTitmus Ariarne, Australia
Meet2018 World Championships; Hangzhou, China
Avg. speed (m/s)171
Avg. time 25m (sec.)1462
Avg. time 50m (sec.)2924
Avg. time 100m (sec.)5848
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Record progression

Oct 4, 201803:5397Wang Jianjiahe
2018 World Cup
Budapest, Hungary
Aug 11, 201303:5452Mireia Belmonte Garcia
2013 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Nov 24, 201203:5485Camille Muffat
2012 European Championships
Chartres, France
Aug 8, 200903:5492Joanne Jackson
United Kingdom
2009 British Grand Prix
Leeds, United Kingdom
Dec 9, 200603:5609Laure Manaudou
2006 European Championships
Helsinki, Finland
Dec 10, 200503:5679Laure Manaudou
2005 European Championships
Trieste, Italy
Jan 26, 200303:5953Lindsay Benko
United States
2003 World Cup
Berlin, Germany
Apr 18, 199704:0003Claudia Poll
Costa Rica
1997 World Championships
Gothenburg, Sweden
Feb 8, 198704:0205Astrid Strauss
East Germany
1987 Festival Arena
Bonn, Germany
Apr 1, 197904:0259Cynthia Woodhead
United States
1979 ?
Austin, United States
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